Integration: Against Violence – For Tolerance!

1 October 2010 – 30 September 2013

The three-year project was conducted in collaboration with Integrationsnetzwerk Sachsen e.V. The main goal of the project was to support young people with and without a migration background in developing and implementing their project ideas. In this way, young people were given an opportunity to participate, to actively help shape their local community, and to further develop their abilities and potentials. Democracy became something that was directly experienced. At the same time, the project made the participants aware in a targeted manner of the problem of right-wing extremism and xenophobia, while promoting tolerance and understanding. Active partners in the implementation of the project were the Integrationsnetzwerk’s migrant organisations.

In implementing the goals, three key points were pursued in the project:

  1. Youth education work – Young people empowering young people
  • Design and execution of preventive measures in youth education work for young migrants with German roots, young immigrants, and young local residents.
  • Training of young multipliers
  • Advance training of young multipliers on the issues of right-wing extremism and non-violent conflict resolution
  1. Parental work – Empowerment and support
  • Informational work with the parents of young migrants in order to make them aware of the issue of right-wing extremism
  • Organisation and conducting of parent seminars and workshops
  • Support for parenting skills
  1. Networking and exchange of information and experiences
  • Survey of migrant organisations and the Integrationsnetzwerk’s member associations concerning a needs analysis
  • Creation and establishment of a working group for the exchange of information and experiences and the mutual development of needs-oriented measures

The set goals were achieved using participant- and action-oriented methods of youth and adult education (project workshops, seminars, experiential educational offerings, creative offerings (theatre, dance, and music projects)).

In connection with the project, young people with a migrant background were introduced to the structures and networks of youth assistance and youth league work. They were also trained in a targeted manner in the areas of project management, financial management, and public relations work in order to be able to carry out their own preventive projects independently.

The project was sponsored by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.