Power Girls Weekend

For young teen girls with(out) migration experience.
What is my greatest strength?
What do other people admire from me?
What is the definition of Success and Happiness for me?
Do I have difficulties with saying "No" or "Stop" when I don't feel good?
Am I able to set limits when something goes too far?
On this weekend in Kamenz, we will sit together and actively talk about these questions! We will bring ourselves in the center of the topic and grow stronger as a group.
You can expect to play many games, so much excitement and fun, and a great chance to exchange ideas! Let's join us! We are looking forward to meet you!
When and where:     03-04.12.2021 in Kamenz
How to register:     just send an email to elisa.schoebe@djo-sachsen.de until 30.11.2021
There is no participation fee.