About us

About us

The djo-Deutsche Jugend in Europa, Landesverband Sachsen is a youth league that is active throughout Saxony and operates on a democratic, non-denominational, and non-partisan basis. In connection with youth work, it promotes the cultural engagement of young migrants as a means of shaping their identity and aiding in their integration.

The djo-Landesverband in Sachsen was formed in 2006 to offer young people both with and without migrant experience opportunities to obtain and enhance skills, while at the same time espousing the value of volunteer work.

The league aims the expand the network of current activities by migrant youth organisations and associations of local residents in order to make use of potentials, concentrate synergies, and support the intercultural opening in Saxony.

The djo – Landesverband Sachsen acts as an umbrella organisation for migrant youth organisations and initiatives in Saxony.

With our offerings, we champion the participation of young people irrespective of their origin. In this regard, we are motivated by co-existence in cultural diversity that is characterised by equal opportunity, tolerance, and solidarity. Our league is energetically opposed to any form of group-focused enmity. A main element of our work is breaking down and preventing prejudice and racism, with the objective of recognising cultural diversity as being a foundation of our society.

Who is our target group?

We create offers with and for young people between the ages of 12 and 27, irrespective of their origin. djo-Deutsche Jugend in Europa, Landesverband Sachsen e.V. is a well-networked organisation and in addition has many contacts outside of Germany, particularly in the regions from which migrants originate.

What makes the djo special?

The djo is a gathering place for many associations and initiatives with diverse make-ups. Theatre, sport, and cultural associations comingle with migrant youth clubs and groups. Together, young local residents and young migrants design projects, implement their ideas, and create a common, future-focused togetherness in Saxony.

Here’s what we do!

  • Youth culture work: We aim to enable children and young people to mutually experience, create, and learn in projects of cultural education – film, dance, theatre, music … in any way whatsoever! What counts is what you want to do!
  • Intercultural youth work: We create projects in a targeted manner that bring together young people from diverse backgrounds and facilitate intercultural learning.
  • International youth work: With our international youth congresses and expert exchanges, which take place both in Saxony and abroad, we make an important contribution to the understanding of and between people.
  • Integration work: Young migrants are a key target group of our youth work. We seek to support these children and young people with tools of youth assistance in connection with their social integration. We empower young migrants by promoting their projects, initiatives, and organisations.
  • Youth education: In the djo, young people are not merely participants but also creators of youth work. With the aid of educational offerings outside of school, we train you for your social engagement and for the implementation of your own project ideas.

Political youth education: For you and with you, we lead projects on such topics as participation, anti-racism, democracy, immigration, refugees, and asylum.